About JRES

James C. Jacob & Company, Inc. was organized and incorporated in Tampa, Florida, JRES Jacob Real Estate Services Office Facadein March of 1986. In January, 1990, we officially opened for business as a licensed real estate brokerage company. Since June 1992, when we changed the company name to JRES • Jacob Real Estate Services, Inc., we have operated throughout Florida as JRES.
The company is engaged in property management, consulting and advisory services with financial institutions and individuals, and full-service commercial real estate brokerage operations. We provide services as an intermediary as well as other specialized assignments tailored to specific requirements. Approximately 20 percent of the properties under our management are owned by institutions or trusts, with the balance split between corporations and individual investors.
During the past twenty-five years, the principals and employees of the company have served as court-appointed receivers handling numerous problem properties involved in business litigation, bankruptcies, foreclosure proceedings or partition suits, throughout Florida and occasionally have served as an expert witnesses in the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida opining on commercial real estate issues including deed restrictions, valuation issues, and landlord-tenant matters.
Our firm’s existing clients, some of whom have been clients since the mid-1980s, tell us that they value our honesty, experience, personal attention, and service and that they rely upon us to diligently perform our responsibilities in pursuing client objectives on their behalf.
We will be pleased to provide you with additional references upon request.

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